Same Sex Wedding in Florence – Claudio and Francesco

an intimate wedding during Coronavirus Disease Pandemic

same sex wedding in Florence


Every wedding is important to me, anyway, the wedding of Claudio and Francesco has been the one that kept me most anxious.

We’ve been friends for a long time so it was even more difficult to stay always focused while shooting.


Their special day started early with Lino at the barbershop with still sleepy eyes and with some beautiful shy smiles that concealed a big thrill.

I did my best to capture the happiness, the tears, the joyful emotions from getting ready to the very end of the day.

The ceremony took place in Sala Rossa at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, where, due to all the restrictions only a few people were admitted and no one was allowed to sit so it was kind of weird and uncommon.

It was my very first time in the double role as guest and photographer at the same time and, while in many ways it was very difficult, on the other hand, has been extremely challenging!

It’s time to give way to all the images!

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Same Sex Wedding in Florence – Claudio and Francesco


all the pictures have been taken by the wedding photographer Lorenzo Patoia

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