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wedding photographer in Tuscany - Lorenzo Patoia
wedding photographer in Italy - Lorenzo Patoia
wedding photographer in Tuscany - Lorenzo Patoia
wedding photographer in Italy
so simple, yet so beautiful…

Are you a couple that is madly in Love and searching for a Photographer to capture your wedding in a unique and nice way?

Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

I could be the one you’re looking for!

I believe in deep connections between people and I know very well that a wedding is more than just a ceremony. It’s your day, full of emotions, and I’ll walk with you to not miss any of al those moments of tension, happiness, tears, joy and love.

The careful and sensitive man in me seeks to capture and document the most meaningful fleeting moments.  And then there is a kind of artist in me who strives to create something new and somehow unique every time I pick up the camera. My style comes from the constant struggle to find a perfect balance between the two. The combination of my attention for every detail and my deep and fool love on looking at people and their attitudes creates a beautiful, emotional report. Some memories in which you can go through and immerse yourself over and over again. And, believe me, if I say that knowing that these images will have a place in your home to last for your lifetime is such an honor.

Below you can find the answers for frequently asked question:

Frequently Asked Questions

• Where are you based? Can I book you for a Wedding abroad?

I'm based in the beautiful city of Florence in the marvelous Tuscany.
However, I am specialized in Destination Weddings. Travel is an amazing pleasure for me. And it's even more pleasant to travel where the best day of your life takes place!

• Will there be one or two persons of your team at our wedding?

I use to work alone, but you can ask me for a second shooter if the number of guests is higher than 80 people.
The price of this extra service starts from 300,00 €

• Will all the pictures be edited?

Yes, you will receive all photos edited and in high and low resolution (for printing and web/devices)
I personally do a color correction based on exposure, contrast, lights and shadows and tones.

• is there a time limit for your bookings?

You can book me starting from 4 hours.
Ther is no time limit, you set the time frame. I'm also happy to attend your celebration for several days, according to your wishes.

• Do you offer Engagement shots?

Definitely yes!!!
I think that Engagement shootings are the best way for us to get to know each other and to feel at ease with the camera.
If you book a full day package I can offer you a 30% price reduction of the full price.

• What does your wedding coverage cost and which services are included?

My commissions start at a base of 2200€.

These are the services included:
– All pictures in high resolution (for printing) and web resolution (for websites/devices)
– A personal online gallery.

For additional packages and detailed information please contact me via e-mail.

• How do you manage the prepayment?

The prepayment amount is 30% of the total amount.

• Will all the photos be edited?

Of course! You will receive all the photos edited and in high and low resolution ready for printing and web or devices.

• How is your editing Style? Can we have black and white edited photos?

I use to edit the photos in a natural and warm style. You can see it on these pages. All the photos are edited by me.
Some pictures will be in black and white, especially when it fits to the motive.

• How many photos of our wedding will we get?

You will receive a selection of the best photos of your wedding day.
Usually, I deliver between 500 to 1000 pictures. The number depends on the time frame you book.

• How do you manage travel costs?

Travel costs depend on the distance to be covered. If you are getting married in Tuscany, within 100 km from Florence, no extra cost will be charged. If your wedding is somewhere else we will discuss it and agree upon it together. I will never charge you more than what I actually spend.

• When will we get the photos after our wedding?

I will deliver the photos within 90 days after your wedding.

• You mentioned an online gallery. Can you tell us how does this works?

Your personal online gallery will be launched within 90 days after your event.
All your photos will be ready for download or share without watermarks and no extra cost.
The gallery is password protected and can be attended only by users with this login information.

• Can we order albums and printed photos from you?

Absolutely yes! I love printed photos and even more photo albums.
For detailed information, you can write an e-mail at any time.
I offer one type of photo album with high-quality fine art prints, available in different sizes.
You can make your decision after your wedding.

• We don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. How can you help?

I totally know how you feel. I swear it! When it comes to your portraits, we're just going to keep things fun and romantic! There's no need for you to "model", instead I'll help to guide you though things to do and ways to keep to focus on each other, not on the camera.
For this reason, I highly recommend an Engagement session. It's the perfect way for us to know each other and for you to get a little practice on it.

• How far should we book in advance?

Many couples book more than one year in advance.
There are a lot of spontaneous requests, so...the earlier you contact me, the better the chances are that your date is still available.

• Can we met before our wedding?

Of course we do!
I love to get to know new people and couples!
If you live abroad we can have a skype call at any time as well.

• What and when you use to eat on our wedding day?

I usually eat at the same time as your wedding guests. It's great if you have one serving left for me but I don't need an extra seat. If you would provide me a seat, take one where I can be flexible.

• How will you be dressed?

I need to be comfortable as I'm working.
This means that I'll come with a shirt and a pair of casual elegant pants.
If you have a specific dress code, please tell me. I will be more than happy to respect that.

I could be your Photographer!