Lorenzo Patoia self portrait


...who am I?...All those who know me, know very well how loath I could be to talk about myself, anyway...here I am.

Definitely a tireless and relentless dreamer I am deeply and madly in love with Nature, dogs, and tasty food...and of course loads of music!
I guess I couldn't live without those four essential elements :)
I'm deeply in love with HUGS too! Those silent and true and felt hugs that make you feel good are just awesome!
Obsessed with raw unconditional wild love stories.
Wherever my heart would take me.

Florence based photographer, I'm available to shoot Weddings throughout Italy and worldwide.
Architect graduate training, I am often busy searching for every little detail and for a different way of seeing the world around me.

Thoughtful and careful. In two words you can have the very essence of my world.
Photography has always been an essential part of my life, a key element, because I really love to let pictures speak for me.
Telling stories and emotions through my camera is definitely an awesome thing!
Continuously looking for perfection, and for something better, I'd like to define my work as a kind of a constantly evolving style.

Someone once told me: "Smile! Smile and walk with your head held high because you are so beautiful when you smile!" Since then I'm trying to never stop acting like that while I'm chasing my dreams.

So if you are interested in my works, in my world or if you just want to say Hi....let's keep in touch!!!


How I use and like to work

I like to be as much discreet as possible, but I love being among people and becoming part of your day.
I like to try to empathize and to establish a sort of a connection with you, so that we can break down that kind of uneasiness.