Intimate Wedding Inspiration in Tuscany

An Elegant and Ethereal Styled shooting in Val d’Orcia with a Romantic touch


2020 has just ended.

I won’t waste time telling you obvious things. You all know quite well what happened and what’s still going on.

I got a call from Francesca and Manola from Tuscan Wedding Events one day, just after the end of the Italian lockdown. They had a huge bunch of nice ideas in their minds for an Inspirational Shooting in Val d’Orcia.

I was delighted to help to contribute and to create this awesome experience.


A Romantic Elegant and Ethereal wedding in the Tuscan Countryside


The perfect venue she found is Relais Ortaglia in Montepulciano, a mixture of elegance and rustic-chic taste surrounded by the Tuscan countryside.

An enchanting place where you will find the sympathy and the warmest welcome of  Sandy and Phil with their beautiful dog Cooper, my new bushy friend 😀 , two wonderful people who will welcome you as if you were the best guest in the whole world. Thank You guys!!!

Francesca and Manola involved a group of very close-knit local vendors in order to create a unique editorial inspirational wedding.

Flowers played a fundamental role, as in, the main theme was made by a natural and blush color palette with pink roses and dried hydrangea.

Every detail, every little aspect has been specifically thought and designed in accordance with the location and the mood of the day.


I am delighted to say that all our work has been rewarded by a beautiful publication in Wedding Chicks.


Have a look at all the photo below and tell me what you think about! 😉


Intimate Wedding Inspiration in Tuscany
Benedetta and Giulio…you’ve been just awesome! Thank you so much!!!



all the pictures have been taken by the wedding photographer Lorenzo Patoia


I could be your Photographer!


Ehi!! Ma che lavori fantastici fai??! Mi piacciono! 🙌 …veramente 😀…
Baci stammi bene 😘😘

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