Firenze during CORONAVIRUS Covid-19

During these days Italy is going through one of the most difficult moments in modern history. We are facing a dark, invisible and terrifying enemy that continues to claim victims. The contagion seems not to stop. Hospitals and intensive care units are close to collapse.

As you maybe already know, Italy has been put under a dramatic total lockdown as the coronavirus spreads in the country. Our Prime Minister announced the decision to extend the restriction already in place in the North of the country four days ago.

This morning I decided to grab my bicycle and to take a quick ride in the center of the city with my camera, trying to catch what is going on right now in Firenze during CORONAVIRUS Covid-19 lockdown.

Of course, I took all the necessary precautions. I never got off my bike and I didn’t touch any surface at all. Obviously I have not had contact with anyone. The closest person to me was at least 3 meters away. I also met with Police, Carabinieri, Municipal Police officers and Army as well. I approached, politely greeted and asked if there were any contraindications in what I was doing. Everyone responded to my greeting and let me go. We don’t have a real curfew, anyway, we must stay home as much as possible and avoid any kind of contact with other people.

Silence was the most disarming thing I felt! It is so unusual to see the most common places, the squares, the streets usually flooded with crowds, tourists, street vendors…almost completely empty!

I met very few people and all of them wore protective masks. All the stores are closed. The situation I saw is something disarming. Somehow apocalyptic.

Despite all this, I am very confident and I am convinced that we will be able to get out of it! Even stronger than before!

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all the photos were taken by the Wedding Photographer Lorenzo Patoia
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