Creative Photographer in Tuscany during the Lockdown

If you got here, it’s very likely that you have already read my bio, so, you already know that I am a tireless and indomitable dreamer! And you also know that I’m deeply in love with life, nature, dogs, and loud music.

These long Lockdown days passed very slowly with a positive spirit, always looking for inspiration, motivation, and creativity of course. Trying to stay always super motivated!

From many points of view, I experienced them as a great and unrepeatable opportunity.

I spent my time looking for myself. Alone at home with my little dog, I had the opportunity to read a lot, study, stroll through the archives of photos from the last two seasons to bring out the best, juggle me in the kitchen, like many of you and … take a few kgs.

I chose to take photos almost every day. Each time different subjects. Every time a small challenge.
Partly to keep the eye and finger trained, partly because that’s exactly what I love to do.

I spent days working on my site, alternating fleeting walks with my dog, studying great authors, and, again, short and timid walks, during which, I got angry about the huge lack of respect of men towards our planet earth that was going along great even without us!

Fortunately, I had the chance to enjoy loads of nice sunsets from the window.

I rediscovered the desire to try to take care of some seedlings, creating my little green corner in the house.

Everything arrived on the eve of what would have been a season full of great goals, great satisfaction, and, I am extremely convinced, also of great emotions!

Pablo Neruda closed his poem ‘Lazybones‘ with these beautiful words: “I have no wish to change my planet”.
Here it is.
The Earth is a wonderful place populated by equally wonderful people and, after all, I think I chose this job because meeting people from all over the world is simply…beautiful.

And…I never stop thinking about how lucky I am!!!


all the photos were taken by the Wedding Photographer Lorenzo Patoia



Luis Sepulveda

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