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An awesome trip between Madrid and the Camino de Santiago

I had to wait quite long to tell you the story behind my last trip.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon in November and I was working on my mac on the editing of one of the last weddings of the previous season, with loud music of course, and everything was going so smooth and easy, while I decided to quit that job for a while and to look immediately for a flight to buy. After a really short time, my research ended up with a booked flight to Madrid.

Super excited, I started again to work and to finish that editing to deliver it that right evening. I had a trip to organize 😉

Madrid was fine, anyway, you know, it wasn’t enough, so my mind started again to work, to think and to imagine something really different. I was looking for an exciting experience. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and I definitely needed to do it alone.

El Camino de Santiago was the solution. No kinda religious motivation pushed me. It’s just my gypsy nature that comes out every now and then.

I had just 12 days for this trip, so I had to plan it very carefully.  LESS IS MORE!

an awesome trip between Madrid and the Camino de Santiago

Just the time to take Matilda at my parent’s house and to make them happy celebrating Christmas all together with the family and I left Rome on December 26th and I spent all the day walking and hanging out in Madrid. I walked for about 16 km with my backpack and after a tasty lunch and a quick visit to the Prado Museum, I took a train to Leon, to reach the first hostel of my Camino.

ops…wait a minute! I want to tell you what happened once I just got off the plane. I was seating at the airport with a hot coffee in my left hand. A cute child with his little luggage looked at me and then gave a look at the giant window in front of me. He asked me if he could go and look at the planes. I gave a look at his mother, she smiled and kind of gave me a nod. I smiled and says yes.

I swear I cannot describe the tears that came down with the excitement in observing the curiosity and the amazement of that little sweet child!!!

an awesome trip between Madrid and the Camino de Santiago

The real adventure began the day after. From that day on it was a continuous succession of emotions, smiles, tears, hugs, handshakes, glances. I met a lot of really nice new friends. Every one of them gave me something. I tried to give all that I could to each one of them.

It is really hard to describe properly what has been to me…

The first old woman I met who looked at me, smiled and wished me “BUEN CAMINO” …goosebumps all day 😀


just a few numbers:

240 kilometers done on my feet

14 kilograms from my backpack

2 kilograms (or so) for my reflex camera

12 days spent walking

2456 photographs taken

1 tendinitis

3 tendon inflammations

Uncountable the smiles received from a lot of new friends from all over the world

Uncountable the precious time spent thinking

Uncountable the tears

Uncountable the emotions

Sunrises and sunsets every day

Beautiful natural surroundings. Loads of them!

Tons of nice animals to cuddle!


I don’t want to bore you with long stories, I just like to tell you that I discovered how cool is to travel alone!!! It’s definitely one of the most awesome experiences that you can try and live!

I went back home with a really different smile on my face 🙂

Traveling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer and…the world is wide, so…let’s hope for a safe and quick resolution about all this covid stuff.

Travel! Do it often! Get lost! Get Excited! Smile!!!

I leave you to the photo gallery, hoping you like them.

You’ll find my obsession with colored walls and doors, for Nature and Animals!!! …and soon I’ll be happy to show you a collection of portraits that I took to all the people I met those days, so STAY TUNED!


all the pictures have been taken by the wedding photographer Lorenzo Patoia
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